For Throwback Thursday this week I was looking for something to also serve as a preview for our upcoming Farm to Table themed summer issue, and I found it in the Summer 2010 issue, which contains an article written by Rose Jenkins about a course given at Airlie called “Exploring the Small Farm Dream. ” The course was developed by the New England Small Farm Institute and sponsored by the PEC and the Local Food Project at Airlie. The purpose of the course was to guide potential farmers through starting a farm or food business. One of the couples profiled was Holly and James Hammond, who, after doing an internship at Waterpenny Farm in Rappahannock County and completing the course at Airlie, started their own small farm in Culpeper County on 3 acres, raising vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers.

I chose this article because in our upcoming issue we have articles that update us on both subjects: James and Holly’s farm and business, which will be covered in an excerpt from Our Local Commons in Charlottesville, and Airlie’s continued role in the Farm to Table movement, by our regular writer, Hardie Newton.  Enjoy, and pick up the summer issue to read more!

Photo: James and Holly Hammond entering their first growing season (2010) at Whispering Hills Farm in Rapidan. “Something like this is exactly what [we’ve been] hoping for,” Holly says. Photo by Rose Jenkins

Read the Summer 2010 article here.

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