The Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC) hosted a community meeting last Monday (February 2nd) to discuss the prospect of saving the historic Waterloo Bridge–known locally as the Ghost Bridge–which spans the Rappahannock River and links Culpeper and Fauquier County. This past January 15th marked the two-year anniversary of the bridge’s closing by VDOT due to safety concerns. There is still no established group working towards a solution, no comprehensive funding plan, and no commitments. The longer the structure sits there, the further it falls into disrepair. Eventually the bridge will exceed the possibility of restoration, at which point VDOT is likely to demolish the historic bridge and build a new, more expensive concrete one in its place.

According to PEC staff, Monday night’s meeting at the Orlean Fire Hall had a good turnout. Approximately 45 people attended, including Supervisor Mary Leigh McDaniel, representatives from Concerned Culpeper Citizens and members of the Mosby Heritage Area Association. PEC’s presentation covered the timeline of what’s happened since October 2013–when VDOT first brought up the need to look at the Waterloo Bridge–to when VDOT stated that rehabilitation was an achievable goal last year to the current lack of progress on the bridge’s rehabilitation. The meeting ended with a call for continued pressure on VDOT and local and state representatives. Attendees left energized, ready to take action, and many even bought yard signs that read, “Save Waterloo Bridge.”

Visit pecva.org/waterloobridge to see how you can help save the Ghost Bridge!